Ms. Alaha Ahrar and her poem HATE in the March Newsletter GGA

One of the contributors to the March Newsletter Global Goodwill Ambassadors is Ms. Alaha Ahrar. Who is she?

She works with organizations to help people of different nationalities, tongues, ethnicities, economic backgrounds, color and people with disabilities in the United States and overseas.

She graduated from University of Mary Washington in May 2012 with triple majors and one certificate on time in four years. Alaha Ahrar’s majors are Political Science, International Affairs, and Human Rights.

Ms. Alaha Ahrar

Currently, Ms. Ahrar works full-time as Community Development Advocate– FACETS for the Education and Community Development Program, a US organization in Virginia, which helps people in need and breaks the cycle of poverty.

Furthermore, she is one of the Board of Directors for the Afghan Women’s Writing Project (AWWP), and the Directors of International World Poetry, Canada. .

In addition to the above-mentioned jobs and responsibilities Ms. Ahrar is an active member of National Association of Professional Women and also she is the US reporter and Journalist of Banu Magazine in European Union Countries. Meanwhile, she pursues her Master’s degree in Social Justice and Human Rights at George Mason University right now.

Alaha Ahrar is multilingual. She has had numerous certificates and appreciation letters, such as, Appreciate of Kindness (Big Heart) 2016 from FACETS, Fairfax, VA; Certificate of Appreciation in 2013 from Diplomatic Language Services (DLS), Arlington, Virginia; Certificate of Recognition in 2012 from the Embassy of Afghanistan, Washington DC; and Certificate of Excellence and Dedication in 2012 from the Initiative to Educate Afghan Women, USA.

Alaha Ahrar is a poet and writer as well. She was awarded the “Best Poet of the Year 2011 for Afghanistan and the United States” in Canada. She was also appointed as the Ambassador of Youth and Peace for Afghanistan in 2011.

Read here her poem HATE

Poem without a title

From Poem Without A Title

Canto XXVI

4 billion years ago
we weren’t here
it was only 2 million years ago
we crawled out of the trees
and first walked the savannah
followed the nile north
and cultivated the fertile valleys
of Europe and Asia
then crossed the bearing land bridge
and spread through
the americas
just over 200 years ago
did we discover the power of steam
just over a hundred years ago flight
then two world wars
and the mass media age was born
we seem to think our species
will live forever
(some god keeps telling us that)
yet i can’t help wondering
where we will be
4 billion years from now
when the sun goes nova
or should i really care
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Ygdrasil and more

Ygdrasil and more

Cover of Ygdrasil - Journal of the Poetic Arts

21 February 2016:

A Special Spanish issue of Ygdrasil

featuring Textos poéticos actuales—selección del autor Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya, is now available at



January 2016 Issue of Ygdrasil

featuring work by Michael Ceraolo, Simon Perchik, Milton Ehrlich, Tamas Panitz, Joseph Farley, john sweet and Don Mager is available at …


December 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

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November 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

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19. February 2016

How to publish a book: first, get a catchy title; then find someone to do a catchy cover; finally put something in the book — doesn’t matter what — the buyer will never notice after the first two steps, and by then it’s too late. How to write a book, of course, is quite a different matter.

29. January 2016

Just to let everyone know the February issue of Ygdrasil is now available at the Library and Archives Canada at


by Klaus J. Gerken. 1970’s.

Madonna by Klaus J. Gerken. 1970's.

Retirement Certificate

6 years ago today (also a Friday) was my last day working for DND. I got to work early, did some last minute clean-up (blue box stuff), then at 730 made my rounds shaking hands, signed my “gag order”, and went to headquarters to sign out and relinquish my building pass. Returning around 11, I had to wait downstairs for my colleagues to take me to my luncheon at Nate’s across the street. I gave a speech that began, “Those who know me, know I have never done anything by the book, (good laughter and acknowledgement), but I got things done.” (Polite applause — there was a good reason for that!), Then they gave me the 30 year retirement certificate signed by the Prime Minister, and I walked home in -36C wind chill weather, never looking back.

Retirement certificate

Lute on Table

Oil on canvas. 1970’s. Klaus J. Gerken.

Lute on Table. Oil on canvas. 1970's. Klaus J. Gerken.

Me, Polly and my mother

60’s, Nelson Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Klaus J Gerken 1960, Nelson Street, Ottawa

Poem Without A Title

poem without a title by Klaus J. Gerken


Poem Without A Title

by Klaus J. Gerken

edited by Walter Ruhlmann

© mgv2>publishing, December 2015

ISBN: 978-1-329-74041-9



Klaus J. Gerken comes with a collection of poems where art and humanity are seen as a whole and come together in a deep vision, an epiphany.

Modernity is inspired by what was eon ago, like the flow of a river bed which sediments nurture the life we see. This collection of poems in four parts will make you travel through time and space and meet some of the most important figures in history, good or evil.

October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

Cover of Ygdrasil - Klaus J. Gerken

The October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil,  featuring work by David Flynn, Donal Mahoney, Bill Yarrow, Averil Bones, Lana Bella, and Simon Seamount is now available at …


new song:

fukijama clean

dont try to crawl through my window
its covered with anti-radiation lead
i wouldnt want my food to get contaminated
because i might somehow in the future end up dead

i have plastic seat covers
in my car and in my home
dont want to get a virus
dont want to get that stoned

there’s fourty miles of garbage
between the sea and me
lord let some others have it
and drink that cup of tea

i have my own organic garden
the dirts so very pristine
my carots cant be purer
than fukijama clean

dont try to crawl through my window
its covered with anti-radiation lead
i wouldnt want my food to get contaminated
because i might somehow in the future end up dead

kjg 310am 1 oct 2015



There is no truth,
never was,
and never will be:

I haven’t got a clue
what reality is,
and neither do you.

kjg 1125pm 30 sep 2015


drunkard’s song

i need a bottle get me sobre
and a bottle to get me drunk
the window to the sidewalk
is my empty traveling trunk

but i have no place i’m going
and I don’t remember where i’ve been
so bring another bottle
and send me one more dream…

kjg 30 sep 2015



i am who i am
i cant be any other
otherwise id be a lie
i am who i am – i

and who are you
are you you too
or are you just a definition
by another

seems strange to me
that we rely
so much on the great lie
that isn’t ‘i’ at all

so be it
theres you out there
and me in here
simple case of logic

nowhere there
nowhere here
i am i
you are you

i guess
you tell me

simple really
either this
or either that
unless its not my hat

kjg 1011am 10 sep 2015


September 1988 (Just after we moved to Constitution), Admiral Martin presenting me with an award for implementing the Report Management Distribution System (RMDS) for the DND Central Computation Pay System (CCPS).

Foto of Klaus J Gerken and Admiral Martin in September 1988

Photo of Jazzie watching TV …

Photo of Jazzie watching TV

Photo of Klaus J. Gerken in 1979

Photo of Klaus J. Gerken in 1979

  1. September 2015

As of today Ygdrasil has 48,017 readers in 1997 cities/towns in 123 countries on this planet.


One of the few awards that DND gave me I feel pretty good about. Only 16 people in Canada have one. Still don’t quite know what I got it for thought…

Photo of the award "For excellence"


Some photos from a long time ago…5…found it in a box….

Photo of the Award to Klaus J. Gerken by the Government of Canada


September 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

Cover of Ygdrasil - Klaus J. Gerken

The September 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil is now available at The Library and Archives Canada or directly at … featuring work by Matthew Duggan, Eric Hoffman, John Grochalski, Gary Beck, Darren C. Demaree, Steve Slavin, Robert Martin, Ajise Vincent and Cailean Jack.


(Sunrise over Ottawa, October 2003)

Photo of Sunrise over Ottawa

the hanging scarecrow
teases the wind
the black crows gather
upon the wing
dark clouds cling to
the lip of earth
what slowly gathers
gives evil birth

fe fi fo fum
you come too late
the sage you seek
has closed the gate
there’s no survival
without cause
what sanctions peace
must well be fought

its not enough to
play the game
what you cant master
gathers blame
beyond your ken
the dream turns real
but no one ventures
there to deal

what seems like conquest
fools the purse
even sailors
die of thirst
the slaughter hidden
is a mess
praise us jesu
mary bless

kjg 709pm 26 aug 2015


(Photo by Traffic Cam Ottawa Ontario)

Photo by Traffic Cam Ottawa Ontario

the rain pours down
upon the town
slishes splashes
on the ground

pedestrians run
to get away
under awnings
in doorways

umbrullas shiny
dot the streets
autos splash
the sidwalks neat

puddles plenty
children play
splish and splash
away the day

then a sliver
in the west
clouds will scatter
rain will rest

glory to the
setting sun
g’night to all
the day is done

kjg 1125am 25 aug 2015


(All’s quiet at the Gerken residence this afternoon.)

Photo of Klaus J. Gerkens cats

if you dont betray me now
youll never get the chance
to do the deed again
with no time left to lose
i’ve called you here tonight
to make it very plain
we have to play this right
there can be no delay
each moment links the chain
of events as they must happen
for otherwise we lose
whatever we can gain
so listen very carefully
i wont explain again

kjg 1216pm 24 aug 2015