(All’s quiet at the Gerken residence this afternoon.)

if you dont betray me now
youll never get the chance
to do the deed again
with no time left to lose
i’ve called you here tonight
to make it very plain
we have to play this right
there can be no delay
each moment links the chain
of events as they must happen
for otherwise we lose
whatever we can gain
so listen very carefully
i wont explain again

kjg 1216pm 24 aug 2015


(Duplicity. Oil on canvas. 1970’s by Klaus J. Gerken)

the hungry ones they eat like hamsters
the starving ones they crave dessert
theres wine for everybody
and the hogs enjoy the dirt
i cant begin to tell ya
how often its been told
rust destroys the hammer
and the hammer turns to mold
golgotha was a boneyard
and calvary a hill
the cross should not be worshiped
like a gaddam holy pill
whoever is your saviour
be that as it may
but humbleness will never
force a man to pray
so keep an open noggin
religion obscures faith
its not some wooden vessel
you shape upon a lathe

kjg 728 am 2015

August Issue Of Ygdrasil

After an insane night of work (I lost the formatting of the index files), the August 2015 issue of Ygdrasil, featuring work by Michael Ceraolo, Prerna Bakshi, Scott Thomas Outlar, Paul Tristram, Robert L. Martin, Paula Lietz, Barbara Phillips, CL Bledsoe & Michael Gushue, and Donal Mahoney, is now available at .

July 2015 issue of Ygdrasil

The July 2015 issue of Ygdrasil, A Journal of the Poetic Arts, featuring work by Lisa Zou, D.R. Wagner, Rony Nair, Joseph Farley, Strider Marcus Jones, Cassandra Dallett, Jonathan Beale, Michael Ceraolo, Steve Klepetar, and Mark Blickley, is now available at .


oh the masters are all students
in the clutches of pure love
and the students are all masters
slowly killing every dove
and the heroes are all broken
limping to their destroyed homes
there is nothing that can save them
save the emptiness alone

so they wander in the desert
forty years is not enough
sometimes many lifetimes must be needed
to wash off the holy dust

we stand daily in the shadow
of the mountain and the flood

kjg 647am 27 apr 2015

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old vines

i am an old man
living in a previous century
i no longer understand
the ways of youth
i am hardened by experience
i am a rock on the beach of progress
the wind no longer fills my sails
but i still shelter those
who require shelter
i am an anchor to the future
no one can live without
sands may ride the winds like waves
but anchors ensure survival
i am never far from my past
i am never far from my future
tend my garden when i am gone
old vines make better wine

kjg 1223am 26 april 2015

Klaus J. Gerken is on Facebook. Contact him on and read latest poems in Ygdrasil – a Journal of the poetic Arts.