October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

Foto of Klaus J Gerken and Admiral Martin in September 1988

October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil The October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil,  featuring work by David Flynn, Donal Mahoney, Bill Yarrow, Averil Bones, Lana Bella, and Simon Seamount is now available at http://users.synapse.net/kgerken …   new song: fukijama clean dont try to crawl through my window its covered with anti-radiation lead i wouldnt want my food to … Read more

Chimney Sweep Talisman

Chimney Sweep talisman my father kept with him at all times. It used to belong to his grandfather who fell in the 1st World War. Klaus J. Gerken is on Facebook. Contact him on kgerken@rogers.com and read latest poems in Ygdrasil – a Journal of the poetic Arts.