Ygdrasil and more

Ygdrasil and more 21 February 2016: A Special Spanish issue of Ygdrasil featuring Textos poéticos actuales—selección del autor Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya, is now available at http://users.synapse.net/kgerken/   The January 2016 Issue of Ygdrasil featuring work by Michael Ceraolo, Simon Perchik, Milton Ehrlich, Tamas Panitz, Joseph Farley, john sweet and Don Mager is available at http://users.synapse.net/kgerken … Read more


the statutes of deliverance don’t move they are solid forms like marble angels in the vatican proud to be on display only the devil can bring them to life there is no such thing as understanding there is only the interpretation the simple fool will laugh at anything the madman laughs at nothing the presumption … Read more