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Klaus J. Gerken


the content of the helix
is chaos
there is no form
that contradicts itself
we hide in boroughs in the winter
warm air and lies
keep the peace
war is for the summer
when birth renews
the winter fucking
and spring renews
the preparation
a well-oiled machine
does run better
but it can’t oil itself
i needs
the common touch
the earth
the trees
the air
so tend the ground
keep it moist
protect what
sustains you

kjg 831am 4 jan 2015


collusion in the works
future of interruptions
the wise seek shelter
in material things
and not the cyber
small as our lives are
the globe has not embraced it
like a virus spreading
one cannot govern

kjg 513pm 4 jan 2015


shut off from the world
one loses the example of the world
and what example is that
does admiring the oak without the poison
make it safe
where’s the perfect place

kjg 644pm 4 jan 2015

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