Ygdrasil and more

Ygdrasil and more 21 February 2016: A Special Spanish issue of Ygdrasil featuring Textos poéticos actuales—selección del autor Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya, is now available at http://users.synapse.net/kgerken/   The January 2016 Issue of Ygdrasil featuring work by Michael Ceraolo, Simon Perchik, Milton Ehrlich, Tamas Panitz, Joseph Farley, john sweet and Don Mager is available at http://users.synapse.net/kgerken … Read more

Poem Without A Title

poem without a title by Klaus J. Gerken

  Poem Without A Title by Klaus J. Gerken edited by Walter Ruhlmann © mgv2>publishing, December 2015 ISBN: 978-1-329-74041-9 Available:   LuLu.com Blurb: Klaus J. Gerken comes with a collection of poems where art and humanity are seen as a whole and come together in a deep vision, an epiphany. Modernity is inspired by what was … Read more

October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

Foto of Klaus J Gerken and Admiral Martin in September 1988

October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil The October 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil,  featuring work by David Flynn, Donal Mahoney, Bill Yarrow, Averil Bones, Lana Bella, and Simon Seamount is now available at http://users.synapse.net/kgerken …   new song: fukijama clean dont try to crawl through my window its covered with anti-radiation lead i wouldnt want my food to … Read more