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power and conviction

Klaus J. Gerken

how the mask of torment tears the pallid face apart
and refuses the sun to even lighten a fallen heart
is it crass to think the world an evil place
where war and famine extol the legacy of the human race
where clouds of pollution ravage what was once a holy land
i fail to see how anyone can follow such a mean command
such subtle fools the leaders of the world become
when they fall into the trap of power on their throne

there’s a price to pay for everything the sages say
i’m sure there is but how do you point towards the way
that leads to betterment rather than decay
it starts with purpose and conviction yet for some
the purpose more than the conviction comes undone
we plow ahead to our misfortune ever blindly on the run

kjg 1105am 14 nov 2014

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