Poem Without A Title

poem without a title by Klaus J. Gerken


Poem Without A Title

by Klaus J. Gerken

edited by Walter Ruhlmann

© mgv2>publishing, December 2015

ISBN: 978-1-329-74041-9

Available:   LuLu.com


Klaus J. Gerken comes with a collection of poems where art and humanity are seen as a whole and come together in a deep vision, an epiphany.

Modernity is inspired by what was eon ago, like the flow of a river bed which sediments nurture the life we see. This collection of poems in four parts will make you travel through time and space and meet some of the most important figures in history, good or evil.

Poem Without A Title

An excerpt from my poem Poem Without A Title has been published in the Café Review 2014 Fall Issue:


Our Fall 2014 Issue is now available featuring poetry by Kristin Agudelo, Justen Ahren, Jayne Benjulian, Hamish Danks Brown, Jim Bishop, William Carpenter, Jack Collom, David Filer, Klaus Gerken, Carolyn Gelland, Marie Harris, Bruce Holsapple, Gary Lawless, Carl Little, Steve Luttrell, Mark Melnicove, Kendall Merriam, Wesley McNair, Justin Patrick Moore, Jessica Purdy, Joe Richey, Russ Sargent and Dana Wilde.

It also features artwork from Sebastian Matthews, Steven J. Priestley, Eero Ruuttila, and Charter Weeks and reviews by Bruce Spang, Kristen Stake and Kevin Sweeney.


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