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the dregs of spring

Klaus J. Gerken
the spring has sprung
the buds are young
tailor made
for the brigade
to go off marching
in the shade
youth is like a
slate of mica
transparent yet a solid
lump (i lika)
so whatever
spring renews
is the repetitious
boring news
not that i object to that
we always hate a bureaucrat
they simply vanish when they can
(only woman builds a man)
slave no longer less we pour
ablution on the threshing floor
sanctify what must be worn
to save your god from any scorn
spring is adam and is eve
neither asked for a reprieve
so consider if i may
to wish you a consoling day
soon the summer will begin
and the heat will melt the dregs of spring

kjg 3306am 15 mar 2015

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