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The Rose

Klaus J. Gerken

i cannot deny an arrangement
that shattered what dead men reveal
the living can no more reclaim it
than a raft could be made out of steel
it’s the tale of an angel that wandered
from the realms of the heavens to hell
were this angel not love i’d deny her
for she left me alone when i fell

i stumbled upon a commitment
which made her and i into one
body and soul knit together
tight as the tightest of bonds
but somehow through time’s interaction
somehow through love that was lost
somehow through greed and it’s savior
we bargained and ventured the cost

the night is as dark as it’s ugly
the bed is surprisingly cruel
no blanket to warm this reaction
no lover to wake up this fool
the dream of a rose turns to anger
when the rosebushes gather a crown
and this madman adrift on a feather
swallows his pride just to drown

a broken love
a token love
a flavour of what has been lost
tell me my love
what is above
and what is revealed in the frost?

Copyright (c) 1989 Klaus J. Gerken

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