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Klaus J. Gerken

waiting for what
for the end to come
remember barbara
in brest that day
the rain caught us
unexpected in a downpour
strangers meeting
randomly in a random street
that was a kind of waiting
waiting for the rain to stop
the war to end
we were all tired
two strangers huddled together
by happenchance
do you remember barbara
it was so long ago
so very far away
prevert wrote a poem about it
you were wearing a heavy shawl
and carrying a basket of baguettes
my raincoat was heavy from the rain
and the water dripped from my hat
you seemed a bit embarrassed
that a stranger should join you suddenly
and you let out a little gasp
do you remember barbara
i cannot forget
when the soldiers came
and just before they took you away
never to be seen again
you called to me
my name is barbara
remember me
they let me go because i was german
soon the rain stopped
and i went on my way
to a little bistro right around the corner
to meet a friend
did they take her
yes they took her
let’s eat
we leave for berlin tonight

kjg 439pm 14 nov 2014

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