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Word Symphonies I – XII

Klaus J. Gerken

by Klaus J. Gerken (2006)

Thanks to Heather Ferguson for the edits


The first disgrace

Tell them what you are saying
and they still don’t understand



(Refer: Mahler Symphony II)



You start with 1 note:

b flat major

caught in the middle
of an argument
between two cats

in the halls of parliament

and pianoforte displaces
seven drums and the master violinist
throws confusion to the wind
and becomes Beethoven
wild hair
broken ears
and what silence
wrought such noise

Mozart was a dilettante
compared to this
horse of a monster

laughter fills the aisles
priests bow down to elohim
and displace her form

so b said to mozart chickenshit
when m denuded his talent
and spat on B’s desire
“you are like a nerve to me
raping harvest moons.”

M went on to greater things
200 hundred years later
won an oscar
and made pretty noise
B created a great complexity
maybe jazz
and something M wd never have
and who can argue where that went?

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