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Ygdrasil and more

Ygdrasil and more

Cover of Ygdrasil - Journal of the Poetic Arts

21 February 2016:

A Special Spanish issue of Ygdrasil

featuring Textos poéticos actuales—selección del autor Jorge Etcheverry Arcaya, is now available at



January 2016 Issue of Ygdrasil

featuring work by Michael Ceraolo, Simon Perchik, Milton Ehrlich, Tamas Panitz, Joseph Farley, john sweet and Don Mager is available at …


December 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

featuring work by Paul Tristram, J. H. Johns, Eric Allen Yankee, Daniel Y. Harris and John Kaniecki is available at …


November 2015 Issue of Ygdrasil

featuring work by D. R. Wagner, Carolyn Gregory, Mark Young, Irving Gamboa, Zak Block, Steven F. Klepetar, Michael Lee Johnson, Ace Boggess and John Ladd is available at …

19. February 2016

How to publish a book: first, get a catchy title; then find someone to do a catchy cover; finally put something in the book — doesn’t matter what — the buyer will never notice after the first two steps, and by then it’s too late. How to write a book, of course, is quite a different matter.

29. January 2016

Just to let everyone know the February issue of Ygdrasil is now available at the Library and Archives Canada at


by Klaus J. Gerken. 1970’s.

Madonna by Klaus J. Gerken. 1970's.

Retirement Certificate

6 years ago today (also a Friday) was my last day working for DND. I got to work early, did some last minute clean-up (blue box stuff), then at 730 made my rounds shaking hands, signed my “gag order”, and went to headquarters to sign out and relinquish my building pass. Returning around 11, I had to wait downstairs for my colleagues to take me to my luncheon at Nate’s across the street. I gave a speech that began, “Those who know me, know I have never done anything by the book, (good laughter and acknowledgement), but I got things done.” (Polite applause — there was a good reason for that!), Then they gave me the 30 year retirement certificate signed by the Prime Minister, and I walked home in -36C wind chill weather, never looking back.

Retirement certificate

Lute on Table

Oil on canvas. 1970’s. Klaus J. Gerken.

Lute on Table. Oil on canvas. 1970's. Klaus J. Gerken.

Me, Polly and my mother

60’s, Nelson Street, Ottawa, Ontario.

Klaus J Gerken 1960, Nelson Street, Ottawa

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